Soak Up the Sun: Unleashing the Power of Summer Self-Care! Part 1


Summer is here, and it’s time to turn up the heat on self-care! As the sun beams down, let’s embrace the vibrant energy of this season and dive headfirst into relaxation and adventure. Forget the idea that self-care has to be serious and boring – this blog is all about infusing your summer with fun and a splash of joy. Get ready to make a splash with the importance of self-care during the sunny season!

This article is part 1 of a 3 part series talking all about how you can let summer “luz” (spanish for “light”) shine into your life on a daily basis. You don’t have to spend tons of dollars or spend extensive time on loving yourself. Here are a few fun ways to give your body some much needed love.

Revitalize Your Body

1. H2O Fiesta

It’s time to hydrate like it’s going out of style! Explore creative ways to quench your thirst and keep your body cool, from fruit-infused water concoctions to icy treats that will make you say, “Ahh, refreshing!” As we all know, water is what our body craves, needs, and flourishes with an adequate amount, but did you know that water plays a big part in our mental health? Oh yes it does! “Our brain needs water and nutrients to make the hormones that play a part in regulating our emotions and feelings.” (Tommy Williamson) So don’t forget to hydrate by drinking plenty of fluids and eating your favorite fruits and veggies (don’t forget these too have a lot of water that our bodies love). Treat yourself to these delicious hydration hacks and elevate your self-care routine to a whole new level of refreshment and vitality. Soak the below in drinking water for 15 minutes and enjoy!

2. Sun-Kissed Skin SOS

Here are some tips and tricks for protecting and pampering your skin, from DIY natural sunscreens to luxurious skincare routines that will have you glowing like a summer goddess– or god! The sun is our natural healer, which tends to brighten not only our mood, but also is good for our physical well being. As we all know, sun kissed healthy skin is what most of us would love to have all year long, am I right?! But more than looking healthy, we can truly be kind to our bodies, by “supporting healthy bones, reducing inflammation, supporting our immune system, relieving pain, and much more!” Remember, your skin is your first line of protection against the weather and changing climate- take care of it!

3. Tasty Summer Treats

Fuel your body with the flavors of the season! There is a bounty of summer veggies and fruit, dishing out delicious and nutritious recipes that will make your taste buds dance with joy. This doesn’t have to be stressful, or time consuming. See what you already have in your kitchen, garden, or neighbors garden, (but ask first!, hehe). You can also check out your local farmers market or grocery store. Think of something you get excited about making, your favorite foods, see how you can make it just a little healthier and colorful. You can also make it even more exciting by inviting a friend or family member to make it with you, or not, whatever floats your boat. The possibilities are endless. Remember, taking care of what is on the outside is just as important as what goes on the inside- enjoy some of these fun recipes!

We’d love to hear if you tried any of these sunny ways to relax and rehydrate. Leave us a comment!