Counseling for Children

What Anxiety Looks Like – The Parent Perspective

You’ve loved your child preciously and endlessly since the time they entered your life. But recently, it seems your love is not enough. You’ve noticed a change in your child. She has become overly attached to you, no longer wanting to do the things she did before. Dropping him off at daycare or school has become a tireless chore every single morning. She complains of physical pain that leaves you fearful of missing something. Over time and countless days of tears and screams in fits of “pain” you begin to worry it might be something more.

You go to the pediatrician, they do extensive testing and find nothing. Your child is anxious. Your child fears things most children seem to enjoy or even want: going to school, being with friends, eating lunch in the cafeteria, sleepovers. They are freaking out with basic, daily things: leaving the house quickly to pick up dinner, driving in the car, unexpected change of plans, being babysat by a loved one, a belly ache, and the list goes on. 

As a parent, your fear begins to intensify. What if he’s always like this? What if I can’t be what she needs? How can I trust a complete stranger to help? What will she do if I’m not there to help calm her down? Should I homeschool? Do I need to quit my job? So many questions. So much worry, so much fear. 

The Solution to Childhood Anxiety – Counselors Perspective

We understand the questions of a worried parent all too well. And while we have never met your child, we have met other children like yours. We can help. You don’t have to figure this out alone. We can help by getting your child to a point of peace and comfort. Your child will learn new coping skills and strategies to get through those tough moments.

Alongside of them, you will also learn new tools and strategies to remind them of what they’ve learned in counseling. Counseling is not a magic pill- it’s hard work for both child and parent(s). We pledge to come alongside you—- you can even sit in on the counseling sessions if you’d like. Let’s get your child’s anxiety under control so we can get them to a point where they begin to feel comfortable with life again.

How Anxiety Counseling Works

We offer counseling for kids from 4 years old on up. We see kids who struggle with tons of things, not just anxiety. Here are some of the following:

  • behavior issues,
  • parents divorce,
  • mental health diagnosis like ADHD, anxiety, and/or ODD,
  • trauma,
  • death of a loved one,
  • bullying,
  • and major transitions.

As counselors we listen, play and teach coping skills like how to sort through feelings and get them out in a healthy way. Parent participation is required; family time and parent guidance is part of the counseling process.

It’s tough to know how long counseling with your child will last, but after the first session, we will have a better idea. Depending on the age of your child, your child’s counselor will keep you in the loop with how they did in session and what was worked on, alongside what homework you have. Yes, homework. We will need your help to reinforce the things we talk about and work on in counseling. Contact us today, to get help for your precious kiddo.

If you’re still not quite sure what to expect with counseling, take a look at this blog on what questions to ask about anxiety counseling before getting started.


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