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How Anxiety Counseling Works

Although you agree you could probably benefit from counseling, you can’t seem to find the time. There’s too much to do and not enough time. The thought of committing an hour per week for counseling seems like a stretch, especially given the hectic schedule you already have between work and home… but what if your daughter needed it? Your son? Your husband? What then? You’d move heaven and earth so they could attend. Right? But what about you? When it comes to you, when does your mental health become a priority?

Counseling helps target challenging areas in your life that keep you from feeling fulfilled, driven and/or motivated. In counseling, we can help work through your stuck points by highlighting the origination of the problems, then creating solutions. We have helped others work on issues like the following:

  • anxiety,
  • co-parenting,
  • relationships with family or work,
  • divorce,
  • marital issues,
  • grief and loss,
  • life transitions,
  • having children with different abilities,
  • mental health issues (depression, bipolar disorder, substance abuse),
  • stress and more.

As women, sometimes we expect ourselves to know the answer to things and have it all together. We expect to manage demanding schedules, make great decisions on behalf of the family, determine what the right thing to do is, get things under control, and ultimately be the glue that holds everything together… But the reality is sometimes we need some extra support from another person to work through things. Your counselor can help you tackle tough stuff and find real life solutions- not just great ideas.

Whether you have participated in counseling before, or this is your first time, La Luz Counseling has a team ready for you. If you’re still not quite sure what to expect with counseling, take a look at this blog on what questions to ask and answer before getting started.

We give you the option to have your counseling session either virtually or in office. To learn more about what to expect with virtual counseling, check out this blog for more information and read more about fees and the counseling process here: faqs. Email us today for more info and to set up an appointment.

Getting Started is Easy

Send us a message below and someone will get back to you via email in just a few hours - even on nights, holidays and weekends! Guaranteed! At La Luz Counseling we understand that when you need help, you need it now, not just during business hours Monday - Friday. We do NOT accept insurance. If we can't help you, we promise to point you in the direction of someone who can!

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