Getting Started


Getting Started

Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed and anxious?

Does it feel like something is holding you back from feeling happy?

Are you thinking you need a change but aren’t sure where to start?

Then you’re in the right place. We help people get unstuck and back to enjoying things in their life.

Contact Us First send us an email to share a bit of what’s going. From there we will make sure you are a fit with one of our counselors. You and your counselor will then look at your calendars and decide on a time that works best to start counseling. 

Your counselor will then instruct you to complete a few forms online before your fist appointment. Normally you would then decide if virtual or in office sessions are right for you; however, due to the ongoing global pandemic, all sessions are held virtually. Take a look at this blog to understand more about how telehealth works

The following links are to be used only when you have a scheduled telehealth counseling session with your counselor:

Check in with Sarah for Telehealth Services

Check in with Rebecca for Telehealth Services

Check in with Kim for Telehealth Services



We're here to help. Please leave us a message and someone will get back to you in just a few hours. Guaranteed.

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