Counseling for Teens

How It Works

Pre-teens and teens are given a bit more freedom in session but parents are still involved. Some of the teens we see struggle with issues like:

  • test anxiety,
  • peer issues like bullying or a hard time making friends,
  • mental health issues like depression or anxiety,
  • behavior problems,
  • low self-esteem,
  •  and substance abuse problems.

Teens can find it hard to talk to and trust their parents, but having a trusted adult is really important during this stage of their life. That’s where we come in. Counseling gives teens a space to be themselves, share openly, and find solutions.

 Due to safety precautions against COVID, we are only conducting counseling services virtually. To learn more about what to expect, check out this blog about telehealth counseling these FAQs. In certain situations, counseling can be conducted face to face with your counselor from the comfort of your home. Message us for more info! 


If you’re still not sure if La Luz Counseling is the right spot for your teen, take a look at this blog to help you on your counselor hunt. 

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If you’re unsure if counseling is the right choice, send us an email and we can figure it out together. Email is the best way to reach me! We guarantee a response before days end.

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Never speak to a robot- call us and you will hear from the owner/counselor herself.

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We have four San Antonio anxiety therapists waiting to meet you. Send us a message below telling us a little more about yourself and you will be referred to the counselor who best fits your needs.


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