So, you’ve decided to take a step towards counseling, and we’re right here with you. Starting this journey might feel like a new adventure, full of unknowns, but don’t worry – we’re here to shine some light on the path ahead.

You’re the Expert of Your Story

First things first, your story is yours. Yes, we’re the professionals but YOU are the expert. You know you’re story better than we do. We aren’t here to tell you what to do or how to do it. Picture us as your training partner on the track of life, standing by to offer support as you sprint through the challenges and curves ahead.

Taking the First Step

Starting counseling is like taking that first step towards a healthier you. You’re still going to be the same you, just a better version. It’s okay to feel a mix of emotions – that’s all part of the process. You don’t have to know exactly what to say, but start by making the call or sending a message. Tell the person on the other side “I’m interested in starting counseling as soon as you have an opening.” Your message doesn’t have to be long or formal. Just be you. Remember, every big change starts with a single step. 

Unexpected Positivity

Yes, counseling can involve deep emotions, but it’s not always so intense. Laughter, “aha” moments, a sense of relief, and even humor – they’re all part of the counseling too. You will be equipped with the tools for healing, and we’re here to walk with you as you uncover them.

As you step into each session, you’re not stepping alone; we’re by your side, offering practical tools and insights to make this counseling journey one of growth and empowerment. With each session, you’ll gain new skills, insights, and perspectives – your own set of navigational tools for life’s challenges. So, let’s begin this adventure together, one step at a time, as you chart a course toward a brighter, more fulfilling future.

Ready? Let’s walk this path – your path – and find the light you deserve.